Acropolis Museum Celebrates March 25th with Free Entrance for All

The Acropolis Museum is celebrating Independence Day on March 25 with the presentation of a copy of “Kore 685”, on which Swiss painter Émile E. Gilliéron (1885–1939) added the ancient colours, based on the prints created by his father, Emile L. Gilliéron (1850–1924) over 100 years ago.

The copy, which will be presented to visitors by the museum President Dimitris Pandermalis at 13:00, was created soon after the discovery of the original sculpture in 1888, southwest of the Parthenon.

At 19:00, the museum will screen in the hall of the periodic exhibition “Dodona. The oracle of sounds”, excerpts from the work of composer George Kouroupos “Voice of the oak.” This project is inspired by the oracular oak at Dodona.

On the same day, the museum restaurant on the second floor will be serving a traditional Greek plate. Access to all the halls and exhibitions will be free all day (09:00-20:00).
(source: ana-mpa)

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