Enipeas Ultra Premium - A gastronomical treasure


Enipeas Ultra Premium is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, born in the sunny lands of Ancient Olympia. It embodies the pinnacle of Greek craftsmanship in olive oil. Its subtle fruity notes mingle with a subtle peppery flavor, leaving an indelible mark on the palate.

In this masterpiece of the enipeas evoo bottle, you discover the green color of the natural fresh juice of olive oil, rich in the benefits of polyphenols.


A culinary treasure from the ancient lands

Enipeas Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil carries within it, the essence of a timeless tradition. Each drop encapsulates the dedication and the passion of generations of olive growers and their knowledge, passed down through the centuries.

Enipeas Ultra Premium consists of a special blend of local varieties. It combines the Koroneiki variety with the valuable Olympia variety. The largest percentage is that of the Koroneiki variety to mainly preserve the fruity flavor of the olive oil.

A jewel on restaurant tables and delicatessen shelves. A creative contribution to the culinary alchemy of chefs but also to everyone who chooses quality in their daily diet.

An Agreement of Flavors and Health Benefits

Drizzle Enipeas Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil over your culinary creations, turning everyday dishes into masterpieces of taste and aroma. Its versatility knows no bounds, elevating salads, marinades and sauces to new heights of culinary delight.

The elixir of nature

Enipeas Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil is more than a culinary ingredient. it's a gift from nature, packed with powerful antioxidants that promote well-being and vitality. With every drop, one nourishes the body and embraces the natural beauty that the land of Ancient Greece has to offer.


The design of the bottle

The artistic design and graphic care pays due tribute to "liquid gold".

Elegant lines surround the bottle and depict mountain ranges and the ever-flowing river. The aesthetics and organoleptic characteristics of its quality contribute to the emergence of a luxury product.

Its cap is reminiscent of a Doric column, made of olive wood. A unique wood for its features and beauty, but also difficult to work with. Its painting is done by hand, using an ointment mixture of olive oil and natural beeswax. Processing is done in a classic wood lathe.

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