Chef Dimitris Pamporis - High on the trees


The operation of a really prive' restaurant, literally on a tree, is something like the fairy-tale trees of our childhood.

The most prive restaurant in Chalkidiki was born, and its name, is Treehouse. It has all the features that can make it unique. Aesthetic,minimal design,mystic atmosphere, a great chef, a great cuisine and ofcourse privacy. The fact that on the Treehouse can eat up to ten people is something that you can't find easily.

So what is the fact that makes this restaurant special? It's all the fairy tale feeling, that brings you back to the age of innocence. You climb the tree like a  kid playing "hide & seek. And in fact you are well hidden. The wizard of the story up there, is the golden Chef Dimitris Pamporis

The idea of preparing such a distinct 8-10 dish degustation menu is so unique. While you enjoy the sun going down to  the water the top gastronomy begins its parade.

Dimitris Pamporis is the only Greek Chef that participated in Ikarus, the famous restaurant in Salzburg. This was the highest honor for a Greek Chef. In Ikarus,have participated only the higlhlights of the world cook celebrities like René Retzepi from Noma, o Grant Achatz from Alinea, Peter Goossens from Hof Van Cleef, Daniel Humm from Eleven Madison Park and others.

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