Grand Forest Metsovo - 4 season 5 star experience

The interior design and architecture of the lobby attracts the attention of visitors. Large windows with uninterrupted views to nature, large fireplaces and elegant furnishings dominate the space. Each moment and image is special whether winter or summer.

A variety of seasonal activities and cultural events will constantly fill your daily schedule.

Visitors, depending on the season they visit and their personal interests, have a variety of activities to enrich their stay in Metsovo. They can choose from trips to the surrounding villages, visits to churches, monasteries and museums, to adventurous treks in the dense forests of Pindos.

The exclusive service of a Personal Advisor in Grand Forest Metsovo is at your disposal, to customize your options and help you create the perfect daily schedule during your stay. You may combine adventurous activities like hiking, mountain biking, riding, and skiing with cultural, culinary and physical experiences.

Getaways in Aoos Lake and Pindos National Park
Forest picnics

Hiking in 4 wooded paths beginning at the hotel entrance
Wild Truffle hunting
Jeep excursions
Farm with horses & riding

Visit Averoff Gallery
Visit Folklore Museum of Metsovo
Ramble in stone alleys of Metsovo and admire the old churches, Byzantine icons, the inspired woodcarving and local workshops with the crafting masterpieces
Visit Ioannina, Arachthos River and the world famous Meteora, all within an hour from Grand Forest Metsovo

Wine tasting at Averof winery
Food tasting
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