Campaign for ‘Greek Salad Movement’ by Athinorama


Athinorama weekly magazine has started a campaign called the “Greek Salad Movement,” calling on restaurants and individuals to create their own version of the world-famous delicacy from Greece and promote it any way they can.

 By Philip Chrysopoulos

Citing a mouth-watering and stylish description by Nigel Slater, the famous food editor of The Observer, who wrote, among other things, “it is better to eat it with sand between your toes and salt on your lips.” Indeed, it is a salad that many foreign visitors to Greece link with their holidays.

The Greek salad is a delicacy that perfectly condenses the taste of the homeland for those who live abroad. However, it is not limited to the country’s borders. It is a popular dish in trendy, cosmopolitan restaurants across the globe and is found in buffets of most luxury hotels — even if they are located in China or Japan.

In the network of 25,000 delivery restaurants of the American company GrubHub and Seamless, the Greek salad is the number one preferences of hundreds of thousands of customers, with the garden salad and Caesar salad following way behind. “Greek salad is a versatile dish with thousands of kilograms of flavor, which is not just a companion but a full meal thanks to the vegetables and the protein that accompanies it,” wrote a PR person for the company.

The Greek magazine has called on chefs throughout the country to send their own recipe of Greek salad and urges all to use products from a designated point of origin to make it even better.

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