Five Greek Islands where there are No Cars


By Philip Chrysopoulos
Greeks love their cars and they take them everywhere, even to places where they shouldn’t, such as in small islands where they are absolutely unnecessary. Yet, there are some islands that don’t have roads and they are perfect for those who want to escape from the noise and the madness of Greek cities and find peace and quiet in the midst of the endless blue of the Greek seas.

Hydra is the largest of the carless islands. The cosmopolitan island is close to Athens and ideal for a quick getaway. It is better known for its nightlife and the rich and famous who visit incognito than for its beaches. The traditional architecture remains intact and no buildings of any other style are allowed. The late singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen discovered its beauties in the early Sixties and bought a home there.

Schoinoussa belongs to the Lesser Cyclades complex, located south of Naxos. Because of its small size (9 sq. Km.) and location there are no frequent routes from Piraeus and usually it is reached via Naxos or Amorgos. There is no transportation or car rental on the island. Schoinoussa is famous for its 18 wonderful beaches with fine sand and natural shade. Since it is not a tourist island, you can find the old-fashioned Greek hospitality there.

Kastellorizo, officially Megisti, is located in the southeastern Mediterranean. It lies roughly 1 mile off the south coast of Turkey and 78 miles east of Rhodes, almost halfway between Rhodes and Antalya. If you can excuse the one taxi on the island, it is otherwise a peaceful, beautiful place offering plenty of evidence that its was inhabited in ancient times. The Castle of the Knights of Saint John is one of the attractions and is also ideal for scubadiving, fishing and sailing.

An island that is becoming increasingly popular for those seeking peace and quiet, Anafi covers an area of only 40 square kilometers. To visit Anafi you can take the ferry from Piraeus or a boat from one of the neighboring Santorini orand Naxos. Other than the beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, the island is also ideal for hiking.

Donoussa is the northernmost island of the Lesser Cyclades. It connects by boat to the port of Piraeus and daily with Naxos. Famous for its beautiful sandy beaches. A tour boat that connects the harbor with the inaccessible beaches of Donoussa and makes the round of the island where you can see the Toichoi cave with the stalactites on the west coast of the island and Fokospilia on the east.

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