Greece Attracted only 13 Foreign Direct Ιnvestments in 2016


By Philip Chrysopoulos

Greece attracted 13 foreign direct investments (FDI) in 2016, ranking very low in the European Union, according to the annual European Attractiveness Survey.

Foreign investments in Europe reached a historically high level in 2016, having grown by 5,845 FDIs, recording an increase of 15%. Greece, however, remained at very low levels with only 13 foreign direct investments.

The increase in FDIs led to the creation of 259,673 new jobs (+ 19%), according to the report. Statistically, Greece showed an increase compared to 2015, but remained at a very low level compared to other European countries.

For another year, Greece was out of the top 20 countries with most FDI and most new jobs created. In particular, Greece ranks 34th among 44 European countries, based on the number of FDIs. It also ranked in 35th place, based on the number of jobs created.

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