Xenia Digi Hotel | The most important event for digital technologies in the hospitality industry


Greece’s leading event on digital technologies for the hospitality in-dustry will take place as part of the Xenia 2017 exhibition, between the 25th and 27th of November, at the Metropolitan Expo. 

Digi Hotel, one of the main events of the largest, most significant and most his-toric tourism trade show in Greece, will set the tone, reveal global trends, edu-cate and inform Greek hoteliers on everything they need to know about the digi-tal world.

The programming of the event, which will take place for seven hours on a daily basis, in the specially designed stage in Hall 2, is designed by an excellent com-mittee, comprising Greek “gurus” from the fields of digital technologies and hos-pitality.

Through constant meetings and consultations, the committee is in the process of planning and consolidating all points of interest for the modern hotelier, but also for all sector entrepreneurs who wish to reap the rewards of the digital revolu-tion, and to improve, maximize and, ultimately, increase their sales and profita-bility.

The members of the committee are the following: Mrs. Maria Theofanopoulou, President & CEO, GTP, Mr. Giannis Kofinis, Managing Partner, ROL-LERDECK ASSOCIATES, Mr. Apostolis Aivalis, Managing Partner, Aival.com, Mr. Dimitris Serifis, CEO, Nelios.com, Mr. Giannis Tsakalos, Marketing Di-rector, Electra Hotel & Resort, Mr. Victor Matsas, Sales Manager, WEBHOTELIER, and Mr. Nikos Charalambopoulos, Vice-President, HOTEL BRAIN. Honorary committee members include Mr. Nick Choudalakis, President & managing Director, FORUM SA and Mr. Thanassis Gialousis, Vice-President, FORUM SA.


The core themes of Digi Hotel, in Xenia 2017, have already been decided and the committee is in the process of selecting the distinguished speakers who will cov-er all aspects of the subject matters with their knowledge and experience. Each thematic section will start with a “reflection” panel, where the subject will be an-alyzed in detail, followed by presentations that will include specific solutions.

Thematic sections include:

➤ Sales Distribution and Market Trends: The new ERA of hotel sales distribution
This section will focus on the following: Distribution control management and tips, Yielding as a revenue management tool, Hotel E-commerce optimization, Distribution tools and automation, Case Studies

➤ Landing properties and assets: Building a cutting edge digital presence
This section will focus on the following: Conversion optimized website, Hotel branded blog best practices, Hotel mobile apps and use cases, Analytics setup and decision making support

➤ Content: Content as the main communication asset
This section will focus on the following: The art of quality copy, Hotel Photog-raphy, Hotel Video, The importance of native translations

➤ Social media & social media management: Best practices for so-cial media in hospitality
This section will focus on the following: Content strategies for social media, Ad-vertising via social media, Google My Business, Case studies

➤ Promotion: Latest trends in hotel advertising
This section will focus on the following: Search marketing in action, Content marketing, Travel bloggers and influencers, Digital transformation of traditional media, Email marketing, Meta search advertising

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