Crete And Corfu Among Top Value For Money Destinations For UK Families


The 2017 Family Holiday Report from Post Office Travel Money includes Crete and Corfu islands in Greece as two destinations for families that offer the best value for money regarding food and drink.

The report unveils that British holidaymakers who want to keep spending on children’s beach extras would be well advised to consider resorts in the Eastern Med or the Balkans where the price tag can be under half the cost in more expensive destinations in the west of Europe.

The average costs of a total of 15 destinations were estimated by aggregating 12 typical beach items. The total cost for food and drink in Crete is estimated at £81,39, while buying beach extra comes to £69,88, a 5.4% drop from last season. Corfu is a more expensive option than Crete, as food and drink is calculated at £116 and beach extras at £87,22.
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