Do's and Don'ts to be an Effective Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager's job is not an easy one - to be successful we must become both efficient and effective.
Efficiency often simply comes with experience, however effectiveness could be helped by thinking about the following 10 Do's and Don'ts.

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Do get to know each team member’s work style Drive results by utilizing each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Learn what motivates each person and how to manage them in order to get the best from them.

Do come to the work with a plan in your Head Your team needs your direction to get through the shift. Often a person needs “coaching and guiding” to help get them from where they are to where they need to be.

Do know that accountability is everything Without following things up even the best plans do not go anywhere. As the manager your job is to not only to devise the plan but to put measuring, tracking, and follow-up in place in order to drive it to completion.

Do get on down into the Operation You need to coach from the operations and be an active participant in day to day operations. If you remove yourself from the day to day activities you will miss the changes that need to happen in order to yield better results. Conduct daily team meetings.

Do be inspired and inspiring You set the tone and pace for your team. Your team is modeling you and taking cues from you. You team is determining their level of comfort and commitment based on your level of commitment.


Do not think you can say something once and miracles will happen Repetition is critical to ongoing success. Whatever is truly important to your success needs to be a daily conversation. Keep the priorities top of your mind.
Do not focus on making friends You might be at a bit of a loss regarding what you need to do - it might be confusing and stressful. Your role is to be a mentor and coach. A balance of both positive and constructive feedback is required to create long term success in any situation.

Do not accept excuses Hold yourself and others to a high standard of excellence in every aspect of the Hotel for long term success. Whenever you challenge yourself or others to get better results, excuses crop up. Banish them from your Hotel as quickly as possible.

Do not ignore the implications of each decision for the future. Your team is counting on you to make decisions today that set them up for success in the future. One key skill to develop as a Hotelier is how to make good short term decisions, with long term impact.

Do not keep underperformers that won’t or can’t deliver results Keeping talent and addressing underperformers is equally important. Your team will not respect you and deliver for you if they see that top performance and those with a lack of performance are treated the same. Take action right away.

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