Sense Zagori a new reality platform

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Sense Zagori is an augmented reality platform aiming to engage visitors to the area, by helping them explore its cultural and natural treasures, providing novel ways to immerse in local culture and rewarding them for their interaction through participating local businesses. Download the free app, navigate the site, discover all the ‘’sense’’ sites and immerse yourselves in the wonders of Zagori.


Sense Zagori is a pilot project designed by researchers of the University of Athens Research Insitute of Applied Communications in association with ZEN –the Zagori Excellence Network, a non-profit organization set up by local business to protect the cultural and natural heritage of Zagori and promote its sustainable development. Its successful implementation will be replicated in other areas throughout the country as part of Sense GREECE. Sense Zagori enjoys the support of Institutions with an active interest in promoting learning and sustainable development including the Hellenic Commission for UNESCO, the European Parliament Office in Greece and the Prefecture of Epirus.

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Sense Zagori app is your total guide to Zagori. All the trekking paths, all the local business, events and activities in one app! The best way to know where you are at all time, what you can do in any place, all while collecting bonus points for your engagement that may be redeemed in participating businesses. Download it now and start exploring the magic land beyond the mountains!
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