Tinos: The Handmade Island


By Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi

A video called: “Tinos: the Handmade Island“ has been submitted to the Greek National Tourism Organization, for the European Destinations of Excellence award in the Cultural Tourism division in the hopes that the enchanting island of Tinos might win the award.

The video highlights the island’s unique character, its historical importance as well as how it is the site of the greatest pilgrimage in Greece, the Church of the Evangelistria.

The island’s deputy mayor, Anastasia Deligiannis said of the island that, “Tinos, home to some of the greatest artists of later Greek history, such as Halepas, Gyzis and Lytras, is entitled to be part of such an initiative, as it pertains to culture, which is embedded all around our island’s streets, artwork, museums, and the unique architecture in our island’s 63 villages.”

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