Most Greeks Cannot Afford a Week’s Holiday

More than 50% of Greeks cannot afford a week’s holiday according to data from the EU statistics agency, Eurostat.

The data reveal that, due to the economic crisis, 53.6% of Greeks either take no holiday during the year, or have to settle for less than a week.

Romanians are in the most difficult position with 66.6% saying that they cannot afford a holiday. They are followed by Croats with 62.8%, Bulgarians with 56.4% and Greeks.

According to the data during the last five years, the percentage of those who cannot afford any holiday time has declined in all member states with the exception of Cyprus, Denmark and Greece.

More Greeks cannot afford a week’s holiday now (53.6%) compared to five years ago (51.2%).

Overall, throughout the EU, 33% of European cannot afford holidays. The lowest rates are in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Austria.

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