The first prize from the World Tourism Organization to Greece for the video GREECE a 365 days destination

Greece won the first prize for the video Greece a 365 DayDestination, which was voted by the World Tourism Organization as the "best video in Europe" for 2017.


The video of the EOT was selected as the top tourist video of a European destination, among the 23 candidate European countries that participated in the global competition. The announcement was made at a special event at the 22nd General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization in Chengdu, China.

In the implementation of the communication strategy of the Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura for the promotion of Greece as a world-renowned destination 365 days a year, the film "Greece-A 365-Day Destination" was directed by Antonis Theocharis Kioukas, with a duration of 3'36 '' and sounds and colors of Greece in the four seasons of the year.

The election of Greece was made by a jury consisting of the Presidents of the six Regional Committees of the World Tourism Organization.

Representing the Minister of Tourism the award was received by Mr. M. Angelopoulos, SPA, Diplomatic Advisor to the Minister and Mr. S. Parthenis, Head of the Strategic Planning Directorate at the Ministry of Tourism.

The World Tourism Organization has established the competition to award the best video touring countries in recognition of the great importance of multimedia in the marketing of tourist destinations. The winning countries are emerging for each of the six WHO Regions. (Europe, Africa, America, Middle East, Asia & Pacific, South Asia).

This success follows the election of Greece for the first time to the Executive Board of the World Tourism Organization for the period 2018-2021, during the 22nd General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization.
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