When beer comes out of Lava - Volkan Beer

In brewing Volkan we bring together, lava rock filtered mineral water and the best of local ingredients; rare Santorini grape honey and ancient citrus medica essence from Naxos.


The economist Petros Nomikos who comes from the well-known family of the wine-makers of Santorini, with his associates created a unique Volkan beer.
Tthe water that Volkan beer is using is filtered through the volcanic basalt stones that the explosion in 1600 BC created.  In its fermentation, local honey is added, which comes from the flowers of the fava, the vines, the pistachio, the thyme and the oregano.

Citrus is added as well, which the aroma comes from the leaves of the tree, distilled in the old distillery of Prombonas in Naxos.

The Volkan beer comes in two types, blond and black and its taste is very special. It is the first product of the non-profit organization, "Greece Debt Free", created by P. Nomikos to help reduce Greek debt to sustainable levels and gives 50% of its sales profits for this purpose.

Volkan also comes with a collector cap designed by Alekos Fasianos

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