Almost 25% of EU Citizens in Greece Work in Tourism Businesses

Almost one in four (23.4%) insured Europeans with EU citizenship find employment in Greece in the hotel and catering sector, and other tourism-related businesses.


By Theo Ioannou
The statistics come from Greece’s National Social Security Entity unified pension fund EFKA data for February. Europeans working in Greece in tourism businesses amount to 7.024.

The “Analytical Periodic Statements” submitted for February 2017 and the records; which have been checked at the time of processing, show that 12.33% of all insured persons with Greek nationality, i.e. 195.187 insured people, are employed in Tourism.

Non Greek citizens constitute 17.72% of employees in the “Hotels and Restaurants” sector, which employs 13.48% of all insured persons in Greece.

Among insured employees with Albanian citizenship in particular, 23.430 (about 25%), work in “Hotels and Restaurants”.

Exempting EU and Albanian nationals, 21.6% of other non-national insured persons are also employed in the tourism sector.

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