Best Ski Resorts to Visit in Greece

The first thoughts coming to mind when you hear the word Greece are whitewashed villages, blue skies, and endless pristine beaches to choose from. However, winter is also part of the calendar in Greece, and snow is not uncommon.

For those interested in winter sports, it will be great to learn that Greece is among the most mountainous countries in Europe, with peaks ranging from 1500 to 2918 m. Greece has some incredible ski resorts, some so unique that offer you unobstructed views to the sea while speeding down the mountains.

The winter season stretches from December to March, so take a look at this list of the biggest ski resorts in the country if a skiing escape is on your list.


Many consider this as the best skiing resort in Greece. It’s on the slopes of Parnassos mountain and its two sites, Kelaria (1750 m) and Fterolakka (1600 m), offer amazing skiing experiences for adrenaline addicts. Parnassos can be reached easily from Athens by car in less than two hours.


This resort is in the Peloponnese, on Mount Helmos. Here it’s also possible to choose between skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and snowmobiling. Thirteen ski runs offer different levels of difficulty while skiing lessons are also available. The skiing center is 250 km south west of Athens.


The Elatochori Ski Center is located on the Mountains of Pieria, on the northern slopes of Mount Olympus. The center (1450 m) has six ski trails and it’s also possible to try snowboarding in the Snowboard Fun Park. It’s located 300 km North of Athens and 150 km South of Thessaloniki.


Pisoderi is a resort on Mount Verno (1939 m), in western Macedonia and it offers one of the most challenging ski runs in Greece, Oxia (2500 m long). The resort is also equipped with a medical center on the premises.


Vasilitsa is one of the best snowboard resorts in the south of Europe and sits at 2113 m in the middle of Pindos Mountains. Spectacular views of Mount Olympus come in the package when you choose this destination. The resort is 45 km from Grevena, in Macedonia.


This center is near the city of Volos. It’s 1471 m high and it offers unique views of the nearby Aegean. It has seven skiing sites and it caters both to beginners as well as experienced skiers. During the weekends they also organize night skiing. The trip from Athens to Pelion takes about five hours.


Kaimaktsalan is in the Voras Mountains (2018 m), in central Macedonia and has 14 skiing trails with a total length of 15 kilometers. The chalet is a beautiful building made of rock, glass, and wood and it houses a restaurant and a cafeteria as well as seven luxurious mini-suites. Kaimaktsalan is home to the first Speed Trap of the country (1200 m). This resort is 140 km from Thessaloniki.

Tria Pente Pigadia

In the area of Naoussa, on the slopes of Vermion Mountain, this ski center is nestled in a wonderful alpine landscape. It opens from October to April and it’s about 560 km from Athens, Naoussa is only 17 km away.


Seli is a winter sports resort on Vermion Mountain (1890 m) with trails for any difficulty level. In the area, it’s possible to visit Seli, a traditional Greek village with coffee shops, hotels, and stores. Seli is 520 km North of Athens and less than a 100 km away from Thessaloniki.


This skiing center is in the mountains of Pindos. In Metsovo, it’s possible to try alpine ski and cross-country ski. The Profitis Ilias Ski Center is 4 kilometers from Mestovo and ranges from 1360 to 1620 m. Easy and short ski runs make it ideal for inexperienced skiers. The center is equipped with an artificial snow system too.
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