5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece

For the perfect sunny escape
The sun-kissed Greek islands offer a range of experiences worth traveling for: getting lost in the charming alleys of Mykonos, catching the sunset in Santorini, or going on an island hopping cruise around the Mediterranean coastline. No matter which island and activity you choose, you’re bound to find something that will satisfy your need for adventure.

To travel back in time
Greece is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, so you can take advantage of this by visiting world-famous archaeological sites. Not only will it help you gain a more educated perspective on world history, it can also deepen your understanding of Greek culture. Athens is a hotbed of architectural and historical sites such as The Acropolis.

For art and architecture
Ancient Greece thrived on art and architecture so it’s no surprise that it is home to several masterpieces. Athens in particular boasts ancient monuments that have stood the test of time, some of which include the iconic temple ruins of the Parthenon; the Erechtheion, dedicated to Athena & Poseidon; and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, which honors the supreme god Zeus.

To check out breathtaking landscapes
Whether you choose to take a dip in pristine beaches, take a walk down cobbled alleys, hike rugged mountains or wander around lush forests, Greece has it in spades. These breathtaking and diverse landscapes make for memorable photos and experiences!

For the Greek cuisine
Foodies, rejoice! Greek cuisine is a mix of healthy and hearty, making good use of olive oil, grains, fish, meat, and vegetables. Should you find yourself getting hungry while wandering, stop by a street food stall selling gyro, a pita filled with roasted meat, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce. For a more filling option, there’s also moussaka, a mainstay in Greek tavernas; and for dessert, there’s the simple but satisfying baklava.

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