Greek Shipwreck Graveyard Reveals Even More Ancient Treasures

Following the recent unexpected discovery of at least 58 ancient shipwrecks in the archipelago of the Greek island of Fournoi, still more treasures have come to light. Greece’s culture ministry has announced that an additional three ancient shipwrecks, loaded with pottery cargoes, have been found, as well as two more shipwrecks from later times.

By Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi
According to the ministry, the oldest of the wreckage dates back to the 4th and 2nd centuries BC and the 5th to 6th centuries AD, as reported by the Associated Press.

The site was originally discovered in 2015, and these latest finds and the goods that these vessels were found to have been transporting, provide valuable insights as to what was traded and consumed in ancient times.

The cargoes that were discovered revealed a vast variety of goods, such as amphoraes, or jars, that at the time were used to store wine or oil.

Divers also found a group of 2nd century AD terracotta lamps that bared the names of the Corinthian artisans who created them, giving researchers a detailed glimpse into the past.

Photos from site of shipwrecks, Photo by EEA:G. Koutsouflakis
Greek Reporter

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