Pint of Science' festival returning to bars in Greece on May 20-22

The annual "Pint of Science" festival is returning to Greece for a second year between May 20-22, with events in Athens and Thessaloniki but also, for the first time, in Heraklion, Serifos and Volos.
The annual festival of science and beer has been taking place worldwide since 2015, when it was started in a local pub by a group of friends doing research at Imperial College in London. The idea is to bring scientists and society closer in a more friendly and informal environment, like the local bar, with lots of alcohol to help break the ice.

Acclaimed young researchers from a number of scientific fields will be giving brief talks at bars in Greece on May 20-22, at the same time as scientists in another 25 countries and more than 400 cities around the world. For three days straight, in Greek bars with free admission, there will be roughly 10 talks a day, followed by an informal and constructive discussion and lots of beer.
The bars that will host 'Pint of Science' in Athens included Momix in Keramikos, TAF in Monastiraki, Meerkat Cocktail Safari in Koukaki, Rabbithole on Lekka Street and Lazy Bulldog in Gazi.

On the island of Serifos, the talks will be held at the Yacht Club Serifos, Anemos Serifos and Pano Piazza, while in Thessaloniki they include ReHab Pub and Bulldogs and The Beast. In Heraklion talks will be held at the Opus Bar, Pagopoeion and Tita Briki, while in Volos at Arte Libre, Kaleidoskopio and Cafe Noir.

The talks will cover a range of topics and are addressed to audiences of every age, while they've been grouped into a total of six categories: Beautiful mind (neuroscience, psychiatry, mental health), Atoms to Galaxies (physics, chemistry, mathematics), Our Body (human biology, health, medicine), Planet Earth (environmental science, zoology, plant sciences), Tech Me out (technology, mechanics, computers) and Our Society (sociology, law, history and political science).
The full programme of talks is available on the Pint of Science website

The Athens and Thessaloniki lectures will also be accompanied by the stand-up comedy group "Science Reactors".

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