Diving parks that are open to the public is a bold project

The creation of underwater archaeological sites or scuba diving parks that are open to the public is a bold endeavour that involves a high degree of responsibility with special challenges, Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said on Wednesday, at an international conference on managing underwater antiquities and natural heritage held at the Acropolis Museum.

According to Mendoni, such projects involved special requirements created by three necessities: ensuring the safety of the public, preserving the natural seascape and protecting cultural heritage.
"Culture is primarily a human right and a social good," she underlined, and called upon all parties involved to participate in drawing up an action plan for the protection, management and promotion of cultural heritage combined with sustainable and universal growth on all levels.

Culture constitutes the fourth pillar of sustainable growth
said Mendoni, adding that in this context "the creation of diving parks and underwater visitable archaeological sites could contribute to the sustainable growth of coastal and insular regions".

"We have brought to light new shipwrecks around the islands of Alonnisos and Skopelos and these new finds are an opportunity to develop quality tourism. We will continue to work innovatively and with determination," she said.

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