'Geryon' weather front to hit the country in three steps over three days

In a weather alert issued on Saturday afternoon, a weather front codenamed 'Geryon' is expected to develop in three steps over three days. 

First, rain and local storms will arrive on Sunday evening, excepting eastern Macedonia and Thrace, yet reaching to islands in the Sporades and all the way to western Crete, then on Sunday evening until Monday evening weather phenomena will take a turn for the worst with a massive storm front scaling through the country from the east to the west. Finally, Geryon will, on Tuesday, reach all the remaining regions in the south, the east and the rest of the island regions. Winds are expected to reach up to 10 Beaufort in some regions.

*Geryon is explicitly forecast to affect the capital Athens in full effect.

*According to Hesiod Geryon had one body and three heads, whereas the tradition followed by Aeschylus gave him three bodies.A lost description by Stesichoros said that he has six hands and six feet and is winged; there are some mid-sixth-century Chalcidian vases portraying Geryon as winged. Some accounts state that he had six legs as well while others state that the three bodies were joined to one pair of legs. Apart from these bizarre features, his appearance was that of a warrior. He owned a two-headed hound named Orthrus, which was the brother of Cerberus, and a herd of magnificent red cattle that were guarded by Orthrus, and a herder Eurytion, son of Erytheia.

Photo by Caio Christofoli
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