Greek Man Wants to Honor the Memory of Pontians in Arctic Adventure

Adventurer Christos Vasileiadis is a Greek man who not only loves taking on challenges in the snow. He is a man with deep respect for his ancestors’ history.

Christos Vasileiadis. Photo from his personal Facebook page.
By Nick Kampouris
Vasileiadis’ mission is to take part in the Fjällräven International Polar Expedition to honor the centennial of the Genocide of the Pontian Greeks.

Thousands of people worldwide are competing in an online voting competition for the opportunity of testing themselves in this ultimate wintertime quest.

Whoever receives the most votes from each specific group of countries guarantees themselves an entry to this unique polar experience.

More than 200 highly skilled sled dogs and a group of very few — but fortunate — ordinary people will have the chance to cross the Arctic and feel what it feels like to be in this spectacular northern region of our world.

Greece’s Vasileiadis is competing in the group category of Mediterranean countries, so he needs to come first in the voting there, beating all other participants from Mediterranean nations, in order to go to Norway and Sweden’s far north and take part in this Arctic adventure.

Vasileiadis has said that if he manages to go to the Arctic, he will dedicate this experience to all of his ancestors, ”to my refugee grandparents, to their creativity, optimism and love of life,” as he noted in a radio interview with state-run Praktoreio radio station recently.

The voting for the Fjällräven Polar 2020 expedition closes on December 12. You can vote for Greek adventurer Vasileiadis by clicking here.

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