Vagonetto Mining Park, following the footsteps of miners!

Do you dare to travel almost 200 meters below the Earth? And no, probably you aren’t going to play in a movie..! 

But, let’s make an entertaining and yet educational visit to the Mining Park «Vagonetto» in Fokida, in Central Greece where for decades people worked with day and night for the mining of bauxite at the foot of Mount Parnassos. The construction of the park began in 1998 and it is running since September 2003, almost 200 km away from Athens.

The Fokis Mining Park – Vagonetto is a theme park, unique in the Greek area, giving visitors the opportunity to learn step by step the extraction process of bauxite. The idea for this park was born by the same people that worked in mines and wanted to preserve and exhibit the memories of this special place.

But what is Vagonetto? It is a place where the history of mining and exploitation of bauxite gets form and sound in front of our eyes, two hundred meters below ground. The visit begins with a walk in the open space of the park, which presents old and modern machinery that were used mainly in underground mining. And then, feeling like our favorite Jules Verne you can take a Journey to the Center of the Earth (almost!), directly to Lodge 850!

Once upon a time…it was a miner!
Through role-playing and wearing helmets and uniforms that the miners used to wear, visitors will find information on how they worked in such difficult environment.. You will see tools and machines and you will also learn what is the use bauxite, what is its derivatives, and other useful information.

The Lodge 850 opened in 1967 and operated until 1972. The visit to the gallery is on the same train used by workers thirty years ago, and now carries visitors to the top of the route to enjoy walking on the unique exhibits of mine. You will feel that you are watching through a keyhole from the real lives of thousands of miners passed through the dark tunnel!

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