Greece Issues Commemorative Coins for 2500th Anniversary of Battle of Thermopylae

Collection of coins for the 2,500 years since the Battle of Thermopylae will be  presented in the world's largest exhibition "World Money Fair 2020" from 31/1 to 2/2 in Berlin. 

Specifically, the historic anniversary is commemorated with a silver  coin of nominal value of 10,00 euros and a commemorative coin of 2 euros that will enter circulation in next weeks.

This move was triggered by the recommendation of  Mayor of Sparta Mr. Petros Doukas to the Ministry of Finance for this special battle that changed the world history.

The silver coin on the front side,  features a shielded hoplite and extended spears on the background. Above the arch are the words "THERMOPYLES -480 BC", the flower (IETA mark), the year of issue and the word "LEONIDAS".

On the back side, are depicted Greek warriors facing the Persians. In the center are the words "2500 YEARS FROM THE THERMOPYLAE  BATTLE", the words "HELLENIC REPUBLIC" and below the nominal value of the silver coin. The coin is framed by an ancient Greek meander.

The 2 euro coin on the national side depicts an ancient Greek helmet. The words" 2500 YEARS FROM THE THERMOPYLAE BATTLE "and the words" HELLENIC REPUBLIC "are inscribed around the edges. The theme is surrounded by a decorative motif. On the left side of the helmet are marked the flower, (IETA mark) and the year of issue.

An event for their official presentation in Sparta is also expected soon.

Greece participates in the "World Money Fair 2020" in Berlin, presenting the Monetary Program 2020 with 13 products.

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