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The business environment in Greece, nowadays,  more than ever, must be capable and flexible in adapting to the changing and competitive conditions, acting instantly on opportunities, responding rapidly to uncertain factors. 


For these reasons, they must strategically emphasize  on Human Resources that execute their actions and visions.

It is now widely accepted that Lifelong Learning and Training of Human Resources contributes decisively to the development of business executives and is the best way for businesses to invest in their staff.

IST College has extensive experience in the design and implementation of in-house seminars specifically aimed at executives and employees, of Private and Public Sector Enterprises and Organizations.

The aim is to address potential problems, but above all to seize opportunities, to improve employee skills and achieve corporate goals effectively.

We are committed to providing our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and learning experience that will assist them in achieving their greatest potential in order to adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society and labour market. We are dedicated to creating a challenging learning environment which encourages the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset among our students, thus broadening their horizons and enhancing their career prospects.

Diploma in Hotel Management - Hospitality
The seminar starts at March 16, 2020


The modern development of the hotel industry, requires the implementation of effective business management such as the development and maintenance of quality customer service and satisfaction.

The main issues of the hotel industry, the challenges that hotels face, with emphasis on quality of service and maintaining customer service levels are presented in the seminar.

The aim of the Diploma is to equip trainees with a range of skills, techniques and characteristics for a successful, professional career in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

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Diploma in Food and Beverage Management
The seminar starts at March 3, 2020


The Food & Beverage department, is considered as the most profitable part of a hotel business and therefore great emphasis is given, on the organization of its operation. Food & Beverage Management is an essential part of the hotel's activities. The seminar discusses all topics on how to manage and operate the food components, including the Bar departments, as a separate section, identifying the operational procedures  that are used, in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency.

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The registrations have already started! In-company seminars can be funded through the LAEK 0.24% program of OAED.alert-error

For any inquiries or questions regarding the diplomas, contact IST College
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