Steps and stages in the bar career evolution

Many people are involved in Hospitality industy, from an early age for plenty of reasons.
They do it either in parallel with their studies for extra income, or for a new beginning in job orientation, but there is a small percentage of people who really view it as a profession that they will follow for a lifetime.

By George Theodorakos
That's why when they proceed to an interview, the manager should focus on the reasons why they want this job.

So let's see the steps in the bar organization chart  that will lead you to the top.

1. Bar back
It's the first contact, the act of joining the team. For some of them, the difficult step, is to be consolidated with the rest of the team. The key role of a manager is to place him next to the right person in order to have a good start.

The bar assistant always needs a "mentor", a "teacher", who will dedicate most of his time to teaching him new things,with perseverance and patience, to forgive the first mistakes and to to force him to do the right thing , as well .

The Bar assistant's main responsibilities are to glassware polishing, to take care of the stock in store room and the refrigerators and to support the bartender during peak hours.

The position of the bar assistant is the one that will show to the manager and to the company generally, if the candidate has will and enthusiasm for development. But let's not forget that the main key for this evaluation is the person that will be put as a trainer. As people say "Teach the way you’d want to be taught"

2. Junior bartender
At this stage, all the efforts, sacrifices and goodwill of the Bar assistant are rewarded. The assistant is promoted to junior bartender, which does not mean that he will not polish glasses, or he will stop doing all the "dirty work". He will continue doing all this, but at the same time he will come a little bit forward and  he will start contacting people.  He will use all he's learned and all he's been prepared for. Another big motivation is the part of the salary increase. It is necessary for each company to increase the salary after each promotion.

So the Junior bartender, continues to learn from the most experienced team members  to adapt his style, technique and communication with the customer according to his character and abilities.

That's the point that the first strong and weak points that will determine his career, will start being visible. For example, one employee ahas a good technique and knowledge but has issues in customer communication. Another, can be effective and accurate but not able to get along well with the team.  A third one might have the "whole package". Those who have the whole package are theoretically those who can achieve, climmbing to the higher levels. Certainly there are exceptions depending on the needs of each business.

3. Senior bartender
In this position we see a complete bartender, performing, creating, serving customers and having a dominant role behind the bar. Senior has the ability to train assistants and juniors, as well as supervise the team depending on the size and most of the time to support the management team.

In this position, teamwork plays a big role and its first leadership elements will be seen. There, the manager must focus and gather all these leadership elements so that in the future he can decide on further promotion.

4. Head bartender
Here we are clearly talking about a leader behind the bar. He is the leader of the team and the one who decides what roles everyone will take behind the bar. All responsibilities are on him, for the balance of the team, for the proper operation of the bar and the proper service of the customers. He is the most organized, efficient, accurate and at the same time leading character. He is in close contact with the management team and transfers the commands and guidance from the management team to the bar team. In many companies the head bartender has the role of the bar manager He manages by himself, the organizational and the operational part. This depends, of course on the size, visions and needs of each business.

5. Assistant bar manager
It is a position that we do not often see in small businesses but in large venues. From a personal point of view, it is a position in which the bar manager is relieved of some duties or simply the head bartender takes on more responsibilities in order to alleviate the manager's burdened schedule. That's why we often see this position mainly in groups of more than 25 people and in more than one bars in the same company.

6. Bar manager
The highest level in the bar sector. This is the position in which you have the opportunity to transmit all your experiences to the team, even to complete or create a team from scratch. Leadership and above all ηονεστυ and effectiveνεσσ. These are the general characteristics of a good manager in a few words. In this position, the manager, has to deal with, financial figures, goals, strategies  and most importantly, to represent the morals and the philosophy of the company. A good bar manager should have the respect of his bar team and the rest of the management as well. The most important thing is to have the charisma to inspire those around him, so that they follow him faithfully.

It’s a long way to the top, but all of these levels show to each individual, as well as the business itself all the process to the top.

All these levels are adjusted according to the needs of each company. There is also possible for someone to jump from position to position without following this process, according to his abilities and skills, as it happens to any other profession.

 He was born in Larisa Greece in September 1983 a city which is popular among the citizens for its unique hospitality services. His professional experience begins in 2000 when he starts working as a bartender while studying at the local university from which, he later graduates, holding a bachelor degree in Business Administration. His passion for the industry exploring and mixing all the new gastro-trends, leads him towards Athens as he decides to study a Master in Food and Beverage management. He worked with great success, for some of the best cocktail bars in the Greek capital, however his acumen towards the industry creates new horizons while opens new opportunities in Europe with the city of Rotterdam the first stop in this European trip, where he works as a Bar Manager, creating and delivering a new cocktail philosophy, fully based and inspired by the Mediterranean nutrition and local traditions combined with the most recent global trends. His European trip doesn’t stop in the Netherlands, nevertheless, as a move to London, the European culinary capital, seems to be inevitable and a Supervisor position for one of the most popular Bar/Restaurants is waiting for him, expanding his knowledge while giving him these extra skills and confidence he was missing in order to make the next professional move which is a current managerial position for a very well-known British group of restaurants in the City of London.alert-info Linkedin
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