How to get better results in your Restaurant

The food industry is a rather highly demanding one. You’ve got a huge amount of competition and a lot of things to take care of. 

By Vassilios Canellos
Most of businesses fail within the first year and when we speak about Hotel restaurants, it can take 3-4 years to find the perfect restaurant supervisor or the the right team.
Being a Restaurant manager is not easy at all.

How can you ensure your own restaurant’s success?
You can help raising the possibilities of success by understanding some factors that will surely affect your customer’s experience in your dining area. Get some advice that will help you developing strategies to combat those negative issues.

Watch your menu
A good menu is affected by many factors. What’s the size of your card? Are your dishes priced appropriately? Do you support a certain concept?

Keep your menu size optimal. Instead of offering a huge menu, consider offering a smaller number of dishes and present them wisely. People need to know that they will eat fresh food. With a big menu, you buy more things, you waste more things, people spend more time to order, they lose the concept of your restaurant.

Watch your customer’s service
Your food is outstanding, your ambiance delightful, but if your service is bad, customers will be disappointed.

The key to success is a pleased customer who wants to return to your Hotel. Yes, the food and the service experience are vital in the memory of the guest. To ensure your department’s success, your entire team – from management to busboys – must be all willing to reach high levels of customers’ satisfaction. Every contact your staff makes with the customers must be memorable.

The way you treat your precious customers during their dining experience has an impact on whether you’ll keep this customer or not. If they didn’t have a warm welcoming when they walked in and didn’t feel the same until the exit gate, they might mention it in an online review. As the online reputation battlefield continues to grow, online reviews are very important to your success. It’s much more easier to get a negative review than a positive one, so try hard and put all your efforts to fulfil their requirements.

Watch your identity
Even if you are a Standard Hotel restaurant or a fine dining a la carte you need to have a concept? You need to have a certain identity. Your customers need to know why they should choose your restaurant to eat at.

While a miraculous menu and and a super customer service are vital to your well-being your restaurant must have a clear personality.

You need an original idea so that you can create a theme around it.

A unique theme, offers your customers a feeling that helps them to remember you long after they are gone.

Let your food, your customer service, and your unique identity create an emotional connection with their minds.

Watch your stuff
Most successful Hotel restaurant managers know the importance of hiring and training good employees. Many Hotel restaurants hire sometimes, the wrong people. They have to know that an incompetent staff can damage your current and future customers as well. Once the right ones hired, train them and offer training manuals, duty checklists, and if you can, give them some goals.

Make sure they are pleasant personalities and motivated to pursue your goals and adhere to your restaurant’s guidelines and theme.

Establish and maintain a solid management structure so everyone knows and understands their own responsibilities. Your management team should be running the restaurant exactly in the same way in your absence.

Watch your goals
Don’t overlook one of the most important pieces of the puzzle is your management. You need to know how to analyze your business to make sure it runs smoothly.

How many customers are you feeding each day? 
Are they enough?

Keep track of ordered menu items. No one ordering something? Maybe it’s time check why. 

What are your most profitable menu items? 
Do you have a budget for the daily operation? Are you sticking to it? 
Do you have sales goals? Are you meeting them? 

These questions must be in your mind because they will affect your results as a manager.

The optional combination is logical Food&Beverage cost, good labor cost, increased sales of items with high profitability and good online reviews.
If you meet these standards, everyone will be happy in your business.

The optional combination is logical Food & Beverage cost, good labor cost, increased sales of items with high profitability and good online reviews. If you meet these standards, everyone will be happy in your business.
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