Understanding TripAdvisor Ranking Formula to Boost Your Hotel Popularity

Managing hotel in the modern day means more than just placing your hotel on the online billboard of the OTA’s. These days, the challenges in managing hotel are getting serious. Things that wasn’t even considered as challenge are now a serious problem for hoteliers. Among all the new challenges, modern hotelier is now facing the need to understand TripAdvisor ranking formula.

This the new kind of challenge that now become an important matter to be understood in order to win the battle of modern hotel competition.

While most of small hotels think that putting their hotel on the OTA means the end of the battle, the real battle is actually not started yet. The modern hotel competition require you to be pro-active to provide as many as information that you can to the potential guests out there. The unoptimized website means that your potential guests will not get the sufficient information about your accommodation. And that could also mean abandon booking as the final result.

However, internet validation means more than just providing sufficient amount of information on your hotel’s website. It also means that you have to increase your online presence as well as your online approval in the review sites like TripAdvisor. As we know, TripAdvisor is one of the biggest review sites in the internet universe.

To neglect the importance of this website is almost like a suicide for your hotel business because it does matter to it. The new habit of modern traveler to do research before they travel means that they will go to such site to seek for internet validation. It means if you don’t understand how to boost your TripAdvisor popularity ranking, your hotel will not be considered as a good accommodation by the potential guests out there.

Here you can see that understanding TripAdvisor ranking formula is essential to boost your hotel business.

Why TripAdvisor reviewer rankings matter?

The research from MGHWorld reveals that TripAdvisor reviewer ranking means more than just a ranking. This research says that online review has influenced 95% of the customers.

It also reveals that the higher of the ranking that you have on TripAdvisor popularity index, the more of the direct booking that you will get. This is the clear illustration of how important it is for you as hotelier to understand the TripAdvisor ranking formula.

That result is pretty logical because apparently the higher of the ranking that you have, the more of the possibility of your hotel to be displayed on the first page. One of the most obvious thing you can learn from TripAdvisor ranking system is that the Top 5 hotels will be presented as the city destination on the TripAdvisor page. This is a good opportunity for you to get more guests because most of the customers won’t bother to click the Next Page button and see the rest of the list.

Other thing that makes the understanding about TripAdvisor ranking formula become essential is the fact that most of the OTA’s also use this site embedded on their website. As we know, there are few of OTA’s that have dedicated review page because that is time consuming.

Most of OTA’s simply link the TripAdvisor page into their website to get the benefit of having hotel review with no fuss. This means that TripAdvisor alone is seen by more than 50 million of users everyday to get the review of accommodation. Looking at this wide range of coverage, it is obvious that learning how to boost your TripAdvisor ranking is important to your hotel business.

Understanding TripAdvisor ranking formula

Being a review site with biggest viewer in the internet universe, TripAdvisor reviewer ranking is one of the most important review that matter in modern traveling. While most of hotelier wondering on how does TripAdvisor rankings work or how often does TripAdvisor update rankings, it is actually not that complicated.

In understanding TripAdvisor ranking formula, there are at least three elements you should understand in capitalizing this tool to enhance your hotel business. These are (1) quality, (2) recency, and (3) quantity.


TripAdvisor ranking formula is all about the bubble rating. The more of the bubble that you have, the more of the ranking that you’ll get. The bubble is ranging from 1 to 5 bubbles, where the more bubble means the better. This means that properties with higher bubbles in total will rank higher than properties with lower bubbles in accumulation.


The new version of TripAdvisor popularity ranking algorithm will consider the recency of the review itself. The new TripAdvisor ranking formula consider that the newer the review, the more of the accuracy of the representation of the current experience at the property.

This means that the older review will be less considerable to the newer one. On the calculation of the rating, it will only include the most recent review on the calculation. It doesn’t mean that the older review will not be presented on the page, it’s just that the newest one will always appear on the top side of the page.


Most of hotelier think that the more of the review they got on the TripAdvisor, the better the rank that they will get. It doesn’t work that way because TripAdvisor ranking formula has its own standard on the minimum of the review numbers to be used on the ranking calculation.

When we talk about quantity of the reviews, it is important to note that you don’t have to rush to be a property with the highest review number on the TripAdvisor universe. It just has to have enough reviews to allow for a statistically meaningful comparison to other properties. For example, a business with 110 reviews isn’t always means that they will have higher rank than one with 100 reviews that were received in roughly the same period of time.

Now that you have understood the TripAdvisor ranking formula, this is the time for you to apply these knowledge into real action. Here are some suggestions you can consider to boost your TripAdvisor popularity ranking:

During the stay Interacting with your guests

The easiest trick in understanding TripAdvisor ranking formula is actually nothing about the technology. It is much more important for you to build relationship with your guest first. This is important before you start to encourage them to write review on TripAdvisor. Try to always give personalized hotel experience so that your guest feel happy about their stay on your hotel.

Small and detailed decoration means a lot

There are so many ways for you to enhance your hotel attraction. You can start by adding cute decorations to attract more customer to take photos during their stay. The more unique it is, the more of the possibility for your guests to share their photo across social media. This could be a free advertising media for you to advertise your hotel and catch more potential guests outside.

Show that you appreciate their review

Other thing you can try to encourage your guests to give their review is by showing how much you appreciate that. There are so many things you can do to show this. For example, you can try by hanging a framed certificate of excellent that you got from the previous year. This way, your customer can acknowledge just how much you appreciate your review.

After the stay Encourage your guests to write review

When you know just how valuable it is, it would encourage you to get more review. If you want to encourage your guest to write review, don’t be afraid to ask them personally to do that. You can have a small talk and ask them to write review. This will be more efficient than giving them review cards that usually will ended up on the trash. Moreover, physical talk is proven to be more encouraging for guests than virtual talk via email.

Link your website with TripAdvisor

The most efficient way to encourage your guests to give review is by embedding TripAdvisor review page onto your website. This will make it easier for your guests to give review without no fuss. You can also try to link the review page on your social media account. That way, your customer will be easier to give review.

Make it easy for your guest to review

The thing about TripAdvisor review is that not many of your guests have time to give that. They don’t have time to grab their phone, access TripAdvisor page and actually give their review. To solve this, you can invest on having a tablet on the front desk. You can give every check out guest the tablet. This way, it will be easier for them to write review for you. In addition, don’t forget to reply and give response to your guest review in TripAdvisor. It is not only to solve issues which expressed by your guest but also to appreciate your guest efforts to give review for your hotel.

Though it sounds like a big money, it worth the benefit, right?

So, what do you think about these suggestions? Understanding TripAdvisor ranking formula is nothing like a rocket science. When you know just how they calculate the ranking, a good rank is just a piece of cake. It is true that a good TripAdvisor rank doesn’t always mean more customers to come. But it’s always good to have a good online reputation, right?

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