‘Greek Breakfast’ Currently Served in 800 Hotels in Greece

Since the launch of the “Greek Breakfast” initiative in 2010, a total of 800 hoteliers across Greece have incorporated local products into their morning offerings, upgrading their quality, promoting local gastronomic traditions and paving the way for financial benefits for local communities.

greek-breakfast_1The “Greek Breakfast” program is an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, which aims to promote Greece’s local products through breakfast menus in hotels and contribute to forming the tourist identity of each destination and boosting their economic growth.

“By offering quality we can face the slipping of our  competitiveness due to the overtaxation of the Greek tourism product, especially during this period of intense global competition and also unfair competition due to unregistered and unlicensed accommodation units”, the chamber’s president, Yiorgos Tsakiris, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

“All of our competitors are promoting their gastronomy as part of an ‘experience’. As a country, we are offering the ‘Greek Breakfast’ as our unique organized initiative in gastronomy.”

“Greek Breakfast” platform

greek_breakfastIn its seventh year, the chamber recently launched an innovative electronic platform for hotels bearing the “Greek Breakfast” certification. The platform completely defines each destination’s “Greek Breakfast” (with a full menu) and ensures its quality in accordance with the traditional product lists from Greek producers, registered by EFET.

Through the platform, a hotelier may also renew his “Greek Breakfast” menu as often as desired but always in accordance with the rules of the program. The platform also offers a range of “Greek Breakfast” support services and can automatically create menus.


Greek Breakfast_3The hotel chamber is planning to boost the “Greek Breakfast” program’s promotion abroad. Plans include the full revamp of the “Greek Breakfast” website by spring 2017, launch of social media campaigns in cooperation with Marketing Greece and organization of special presentation events for international tour operators, travel agents and foreign journalists.

Tsakiris added that the chamber will try to attract luxury villas to join the “Greek Breakfast” initiative. He also mentioned that a campaign to promote “Greek Breakfast” in schools is under consideration.

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