Travel Trends 2017: What Next in Greek Tourism

By Maria Paravantes

At the dawn of the new year, travelers are making dreams and tourism professionals are making plans for the days ahead. And by the looks of things, travel is taking a turn for the more genuine. Adventure and hands-on experience go hand-in-hand this year leaving the good old sit-back-and-do-nothing scheme behind.

Insight from the experts reveals that holidaymakers will be opting for the experience in the trip rather than the comfort and luxury. They want to get out there and bring home the memories.

The top trends this year?

☀︎Back to basics – minimal elegance, efficient technology and carefully chosen menus.

☀︎Island hopping… off the beaten track – unknown islets with local color and gastronomy are next on the list.

☀︎Non-traditional accommodations – all the more types and styles of home rentals are emerging on the market offering specialised services for special needs.

☀︎Faraway places… offering the exploration traveler a taste of the jungle or Antarctica are all the rage indulging travelers’ wildest dreams.

☀︎Sport travel is gaining lots of ground with entire families signing up for marathons, diving competitions, biking and hiking trips.

☀︎Picking, making and eating are now ‘’hotter’’ than ever. Whether it’s learning how to fish, pick olives, prepare local dishes – a major trend this year is to do it yourself and enjoy… at farm units, herb garden hotels or loaded vineyards.

☀︎Hoist those sails: sailing and yachting may have been a sport/leisure activity for the few in the past but now it’s become an affordable option offering luxury, adventure and experience all in one. Plus plenty of sea and sun.

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