Simple Steps in Enhancing Guest Experience at Your Hotel


Managing hotel in the modern days means more than juts bookkeeping and housekeeping. The modern hotel competition demands you to give more than your usual effort in marketing your hotel. This could mean making one dedicated website with booking engine. It could also mean planning an all new online marketing plan to boost your booking. This could mean giving hands in enhancing guest experience at your hotel. On the other hand, it could also mean all of that.

In trying to compete with your hotel competitor, its important to always be different. There are so many ways to make your hotel stand out among others. However, some of the answers might get you headache because it means investing in huge amount of money. Then how can you make your hotel stand out without investing in terrific amount of money?

Some of these actions might sound simple and insignificant, but sometimes small things mean everything, right?

Be Technology-enable
When it comes to modern hotel competition, technology must be something at the top. In enhancing guest experience, it is important to understand that technology plays a lot of aspect here. Not only that the development of technology has changed the industry itself, it also changes the guest characteristic. It is undeniable that hotel industry is now facing the millennials guest that has different needs with usual guests. The generation that are not afraid to share their bad experience in review sites can be dangerous for our business if we don’t know how to handle them. We are now facing such guest that needs to be always close to their gadget. We are facing such guest that needs more and more power plugs on their rooms. So, why not prepare our rooms to be comfortable for them?

You can start by offering more electricity sockets on the rooms. These young guests are known to be quite dependent to their gadget. And sure, giving them more power plugs means everything to them. You can also try to provide extra USB cable in the rooms for them to use to charge their gadgets. This might sounds like a small thing, but knowing that these people are depending to their gadgets a lot; unable to charge their gadgets means a nightmare for them. If you have extra budget, you can also provide dedicated speakers with iPhone or iPod docks for them to listen to their favorite musics while they stay on your rooms.

Provide Delicious Dishes
Staying in a hotel is not merely about having a good sleep. In the effort of enhancing guest experience, you can play on the food side. Remember that some of your guests are coming along to your area to experience the food as well. Among all of the ideas to enhance hotel guest experience, playing with food is one of the most effective ways to win the heart of your guest. It doesn’t has to be luxurious and fancy, you can even start by endorsing local foods in your hotel’s restaurant. Try to embrace the localness on the food you provide on your restaurant. This unique approach will accommodate those who wants to experience the food as well, and not only the location.

Providing delicious dishes means everything when you want to improve guest experience at your hotel. Keep in mind that a delicious menu on your hotel’s restaurant can attract more people to come. Don’t be afraid to put your menu on your website and make sure that people are well informed about it. You can also try to make special menu for special celebrations, like Valentine or Christmas. If you want to be more serious about it, you can also consider to provide vegan menu at your restaurant to accommodate vegan guests. As the growing trends of healthy lifestyle, providing vegan menu can be a breakthrough step for your hotel.

Make it Feels Like Home
While some guests are staying at your hotel to feel the guest experience, some other are staying there to feel as if they’re home. Guests with young children for example, they will have the problem to put their kids sleep because hotel room doesn’t feel like their room at home. You can help them by providing atmosphere that will make them feel like they are home. In enhancing guest experience, one small thing you can do about this is by allowing pets into your hotel room. This might sounds like a simple thing, but being with their pets could be a big deal for some people.

In case you want to make your guest to feel more homey, you can also try one of these ideas to enhance guest experience. For example, you can provide bedtime stories for guests with kids. This will ease those guests in putting their kids in to sleep. Other small things you can consider includes providing extra pillow and extra blanket. Even though it sounds like a small thing, those things could mean a lot to your guests.

Keep Your Guest Off of Bore
Not every guest that staying in your hotel for a vacation will actually feel happy about their time. Some guests can have a bad day because it’s raining all day at your area and they can’t go anywhere. You can prevent your staying guest out of bore by providing facilities that is fun for them. This might sounds like a big money, but simple things like collection of classic books and various of newspaper and magazine could be the savior for them. Simple yet meaningful, right?

If you have more budget, you can consider on having a ping-pong table on your hotel as an entertainment point for your guest. But even when you don’t have spare budget to add more facilities on your hotel, you can also do this without buying too many stuff. As the replacement, you can provide board games in your lobby for those who wants to play games. This could be a good idea to keep your guest entertained even when they stay in their room only. This could also be the good idea to endorse other facility in your hotel, like the spa and the pool.

Make Your Front Desk Informative
Other thing you can do in improving guest experience is actually way simpler than you thought. You can do this by utilizing your front desk to be more useful. As we know, some guests are staying at your hotel because they want to explore your area. You can make use of this characteristic by utilizing your front desk to be more informative. Even though right now these guests can easily get the information from the internet, information spoken from mouth to mouth is always better and more convincing.

To be able to do this, you can try to provide informative leaflet about travel destinations around your area. Make this leaflet simple but also useful to help these guests to explore the area better. You can add recommendation for local foods, traditional events, or even unique culinary on it. Don’t forget to educate your front desk officer as well to be as informative as they can. This can be a good idea to give personalized hotel experience to your guest. If you have more budget, you can also consider to have a dedicated iPad as the information source on your front desk.

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