The Secret to Successful Social Media Marketing for Hotel

The power of social media has been proven to be something really powerful in these days. The wide coverage can be a powerful weapon to promote something and cover wide range of coverage at once. But that’s also why social media has been considered as one of the most powerful tool in modern marketing. And if you’re a hotel owner, learning how to capitalize social media marketing for hotel is critical to maximize your revenue.

Understanding social media marketing
The key to obtain benefit in using social media for hotel marketing is to understand the basic of social media itself. First, you need to understand how social media works. This includes the audience and the right social media to interact with them. Not only that you need to pick platform that suits your marketing plan the best, you also need to understand your market as well.

A good understanding about your market will be a valuable asset for you to create the suitable internet marketing plan for them.

In applying your plan to use social media marketing for hotel, you need to understand that social media works unlike any other marketing channel. It works not only as a platform to promote your product and get more recognition from your potential market, you can also sell your products from this platform. It means that social media itself works double; as a promotional platform as well as the selling platform. This is one among all the other benefits of using social media marketing for hotel in your marketing plan.

How to apply it to your hotel?

After understanding what is social media marketing, this is the time for you to apply it in the real life. Here some of the tips to apply the knowledge on your hotel marketing plan:

Increase your online presence
The key of capitalizing social media marketing for hotel is surely to boost your online presence first. Before you move to another step, the first thing to do is to make yourself recognized in the internet universe. It is important to make people know that you’re exist first, before trying to sell anything to them. Boosting your hotel online presence is like the foundation in using social media marketing for hotel because it’s the basic of the whole practice.

To boost your online presence, the simplest thing you can do is by creating social media accounts and present yourself all over the internet universe.

As most people are using Facebook to dig more information, you can try to make a Facebook account for your hotel and really make the use out of it. Use this to communicate with your potential customers and the existing customers that you have. Don’t be afraid to get lost along the way because Facebook is now optimized for business and using it on your marketing plan is surely a good step to start everything out

Manage your online reputation
The other thing that important is to keep your online reputation good and reliable. Manage your online content and make sure that you provide appropriate contents to your customers. When you’re replying answers from the customers, don’t forget to use appropriate words and be as polite as you can. It is critical to understand that something that you share online will stay there forever. That will also be a valuable trace for your customer to know your track record. It doesn’t mean that everything is risky in the internet universe. It’s just important for you to keep everything neat and look good for your business in the future.

Be interactive
The key in using social media marketing for hotel is to be interactive. Most of the internet users out there are using social media to interact with the hotels and ask for questions. It is pretty important for you as a hotel owner to be interactive and pro-active towards customer’s inquiry. Try to be as reliable as you can in responding customer’s inquiries because customers rely on that to measure your reliability.

When your customers are reaching out to you via social media, try to answer that as fast as you can to keep your online reliability good. If you have several properties, you can make one dedicated social media account to make it even simple. Don’t be hesitate to hire a social media officer to manage everything in your social media, especially in responding to all these customers’ inquiries.

Make quiz with remarkable prize
Simples way to gain more online presence and maintain your online reputation is by making a quiz with interesting prize. The wide coverage of social media is the perfect platform to reach many potential customers. You can capitalize this by doing the right move to win their hearts. You can firstly gain an online reputation by making a simple quiz with attractive prize that will attract people to participate.

For example, you can make a sort of quiz in Instagram that require the participant to repost a picture from your feed. You can also ask them to tag several accounts on the comments section to expand your audience. This would be a good chance for you to present in a wider coverage and catch more audience. This is also a good idea to promote your accounts without any hussle because it is the participant that will do the work for you.

Make the use of Foursquare
Among all other location-based app, Foursquare is one of the most used and reliable one. Foursquare is a simple application that allows you to check in to a particular place and give honest review about it. Foursquare’s review is seen as reliable source because people are reviewing without any intention to promote. And sure, you can really make the use of Foursquare in using social media marketing for hotel if you know how.

The very first thing you need to do is surely to register your hotel in Foursquare.

It’s very simple and all you need to do is just add up the place. When you finish registering your place, the next thing to do is to integrate it with your marketing plan. For example, you can give a free drink on your restaurant for those that check themselves in your hotel and share it in their social media. This is a simple yet effective strategy to gain more social media recognition.

Recycle your contents across your social media
The thing about using social media marketing for hotel is that you can recycle your contents all across the social media that you have. Don’t be pressured to always generate contents for each of your social media account. In fact, you can actually re-make them and put them into another.

For example, the long blog post that you have can also be used to make a short post in Facebook.
You can also make the topic into an image post and post it on your Instagram. 

You can keep exchanging contents from one social media to another to make it easier. This is an easy and hussle-free strategy to not to burden yourself to constantly generate contents over and over again.

Produce interactive and funny contents
The thing about social media is the funny culture that it has. Most of people are using social media for fun and you really don’t need to make a serious and complicated contents for that. Try to be fun and interactive and you surely can win the social media battle. Don’t be hesitate to repost a post from other source as long as it’s funny and in-line with your guidelines. Some funny pictures of your guests will also be a good idea for your social media to make it light and fun.

See, playing with social media marketing for hotel is not that complicated as it looks like.

When you already understand the culture of social media, it will be easier for you to use that for your business purpose. The easiness in using social media marketing for hotel shouldn’t be a reason for you to undermine it. It doesn’t mean that everything will go automatically, you need to make a good planning first. When you have a good planning and really implement that in your social media marketing plan, it is not impossible for you to gain your optimum revenue.


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