Meet the island of Kasos: The rough diamond of the Aegean Sea


Kasos is an extraordinary island located in the Carpathian sea next to Karpathos and Crete and forms with these 2 islands probably the most authentic corner of the Aegean sea. Its beauty & uniqueness justifies the small odyssey that the traveler must go through to arrive on the island but then its coastline of 59 km & its five villages : Agia Marina, the Polly, Panaya, Arvanitohori and Fry (capital) definitely makes this a trip worth taking!

Helatros beach is located in the southwestern part of Kasos & is covered with pebbles and clear, blue waters. The Bay of Helatros was built in the ancient years as a shelter for ships. It is very well protected from the North wind, while in the open sea, are formed unique waves , making the point small paradise for all those who love windsurfing. It offers a very relaxing swim & its beauty definitely compensates for the relatively difficult access to the beach.

Emporios, an old commercial port approximately 500 meters west from Fry, has a small sandy beach that gathers today most swimmers of the island during the summer months. It’s an organized beach, surrounded by two restaurants and a pastry shop, and you can easily spend a whole summer day relaxing & enjoying the sea. You can also take from there various boats that sail around the island or that take you to the Church of the Panagia, which is the largest church on the island.

In the west part of the island, in the area of Antiperatoy, you can visit either Ammoua beach, a well organized beach full of people, or a series of 4 secluded beaches with pebbles in all colors, ideal to avoid the crowd.

The Armathia islet is located north of kasos and although today it is uninhabited, its history is long and its subsoil is rich in one of the finest quality plaster. The island is visited only by swimmers to enjoy the beach in Marmara, considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It is covered with fine sand and the White plaster that appears in many parts of the sea bottom give the sea incredible colors.

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