Oceanman Greece 2017 Oitilo bay Lakonia

photo by Vassilios Canellos
Oceanman Greece

The first Global Open Water Race in Greece.
OCEANMAN started out in 2015 (Only Spain & Italy) as the first global open water swimming races franchise designed by swimmers, for swimmers. In 2016 Oceanman became the only International World Championship in Open Waters, offering both professional and amateur swimmers the chance to achieve their personal goals in unique locations, for their beauty and surroundings, like the Putrajaya and Orta Lakes, the Caribbean Sea, Pacific and Mediterranean.

There are currently 8 OCEANMAN races established in several continents, as well as ten additional races in preparation. The event caters for swimmers of all abilities, from beginners to more confident swimmers and elite professionals.

The first edition of Oceanman was held in 2016 at five races across two continents in 2016,
Sport, competition, tourism and nature embrace each other in a new way to enjoy open water swimming.

The competition is held at each venue in three distances:

➤ OCEANMAN 7.5km


➤ AMATEUR 2.5km

Qualification System: The first 10 women and first 10 men classified in each category, in each race before Benidorm, in both OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN, will automatically pass through to the Oceanman Worldwide Championship final.

You simply have to classify in just ONE of the qualifying races to participate in the Oceanman Worldwide Championship. It is not necessary, under any circumstances, to participate in all of the qualifying races of the championship.

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