Greece Should Demand the Parthenon Marbles Return for ‘Smooth Brexit’ Says Activist

It is not by any means the official position of the Greek government and it has yet to be put to a public debate in Greece, but the idea of “demanding” the return of the Parthenon marbles from London in exchange for a smooth Brexit deal from Greece is gaining ground.


Alexis Mantheakis, chairman of the International Parthenon Sculptures Action Committee, has joined calls for the Brexit process to be disrupted unless Britain agrees to the exchange.

He said:
The English will need to receive approval from the Greek Parliament for something they want.
Mr Mantheakis added this is the first time Greece has been in a position to demand the marbles back.

It comes after a Greek European Parliament member (MEP) made a similar suggestion to use Brexit negotiations as leverage for the marbles returns.
MEP Stelios Kouloglou, a member of the ruling Syriza party, claimed the EU’s treaty law means the highly controversial issue must be raised by the EU Brexit negotiators.

Mr Kouloglou has written twice to the European Commission asking for the world-famous marbles to be included in the ongoing negotiations.
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