Investment Opportunities in Greek Tourism

Greek Secretary-General of Tourism Policy and Development George Tziallas pointed to the attractive investment opportunities currently offered by Greek tourism, speaking at the Adria Hotel Forum held in Zagreb on Feb. 14-15.

Greek Tourism

Tziallas participated in special session on Wednesday with other senior ministry officials to discuss what is to be done for the future of hotel industry, during which he briefed representatives of major hotel chains, managers of hotel units and investment funds.

He noted that the ministry's regional tourism policy on establishing Greece as an attractive year-round international tourism destination has created new opportunities via the promotion of new Greek tourist destinations, the opening of new markets of high purchasing power, the development of new thematic tourist products and services and the upgrading of connectivity and the extension of the tourism period.

Tziallas presented the structure of the Greek hotel sector, underlining the quality improvement that took place in recent years, as well as the new investments that are currently in progress that will further upgrade the Greek tourism product.

He informed potential investors on the legislation governing large hotel units, as well as the assistance provided under new laws on the development of tourism enterprises.
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