The Bar future is here - 3D Cocktail garnishes

Self-driving cars, suborbital space tourism, human head transplants… Pfff! We’ve seen the future, people, and it looks like this: 3D cocktail garnishes.

3D Cocktail garnishes

At a recent tasting event in New York City hosted by Scotch whisky brand Auchentoshan, guests got an eye full of what might just be the next wave in drink tinkering, a machine that builds three-dimensional garnishes straight into your cocktail.

Here’s how it works: A gleaming white robot arm perched at the end of the bar injects — by way of a long and not unintimidating needle — tiny dots of gelled liquid straight into the middle of your drink. Within seconds, a fully formed globe, pyramid or dodecahedron appeared, suspended in the cocktail.

3D Cocktail garnish

Even when guests swirled and tilted the glass, the tiny pieces stayed together, like a well-behaved lava lamp.

The show came courtesy of Austrian start-up Print a Drink, whose founders came up with the technology while still in college. 
We realized no one had tried this particular technique with food, said co-founder Benjamin Greimel. And we thought it would work very well for cocktails, so we created it.

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