Thermal spas attract investments to Greece

Investment opportunities in special forms of tourism, especially those that have to do with thermal spas, dominated a conference on "The development of thermal springs in Greece."


The conference, organised by Enterprise Greece, was held at the conference room of the Acropolis museum, with the participation of private and public-sector bodies operating in the thermal springs sector.

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura pointed out that 110 thermal spas have already been licenced or are in the process of being licenced , noting that Greece is the most ideal destination for medical tourism in Europe. It is a strategic choice for the tourism ministry and the government to promote growth in local communities, she said, adding that medical tourism is a vehicle for investments. She also said that there is already a strong legislative framework for investment in the sector.

Moreover, Kountoura said that 350 tourism investments have been made in Greece in the last two years.

On his part, German Ambassador to Greece Jens Plotner stressed Greece's tourism achievements, noting that the Germans love Greece and will continue to prefer the country for their holidays. Indeed, he estimated that Germany would continue to be the first market for Greece in terms of German arrivals to our country.

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