3 Reasons Hotels Fail On Social Media

Some hotel brands are phenomenal with Social Media Marketing. They use every trick in the book brilliantly and see significant traffic and new reservations as a result. Many, however, make mistakes with their Social Media that not only hinder sales but conveys their brand in a poor light.

Hotels Fail On Social Media

By Will Wells
Here are 3 common mistakes Hotels make that you need to avoid:

1. Poor content
Content is very important, and it’s all too common we see hotels posting poor content on
their feeds, discrediting their brand. Your content needs to be high quality, of genuine value to those you’re targeting, posted in the correct frequency, timings and with perfect typology (all of which are subjective to your brand).

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, and ask yourself if you’d gain value from
following your social feeds and if they’re genuinely interesting to you.

2. Not using social to its full potential
Social Media not only consists of several very different platforms, but each platform has a
wide variety of unique features; from bios to Instagram Stories and Facebook Groups. The
list of ways you can use these platforms is endless.

Hotels should have their Social feeds branded brilliantly, with enticing bios, profile pictures,
cover photos, groups and, of course, content. Hotels need to be using Instagram Stories, giveaways or contests, paid campaigns, and (if budgets allow) social media influencers. It’s a lot to take in, but your competition may already be doing all of these, and the rewards are massive.

3. Not responding or engaging
Try communicating with 10 different Hotels on Instagram, and I guarantee not all will respond. Some Hotels post, but then do nothing else. The high importance of customer
satisfaction and personal interactions in the Hotel industry mean all Hotels should be speaking to and, more importantly, listening to users on Social Media. Ask questions, run
polls, respond to all tweets, and like others’ content – it all makes social a bit more human.

From Hotel Speak
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