Germans want to travel and spend more this year

Consumers in Germany are ready to travel more than last year and increase their spending as well, according to the annual Reiseanalyse market survey.

Germans want to travel and spend more this year

Nearly 70% of Germans say they will definitely or probably go on holiday this year, the extensive survey found. As many as 30% are ready to spend more on travel this year, and only 13% plan to cut back.

“This should delight the travel industry, as there is barely any growth to be gained in terms of volumes, but certainly in terms of revenues,” commented study leader Prof. Martin Lohmann.

One reason is the general trend towards higher quality holidays and more expensive long-haul trips. These currently comprise about 8% of all outbound trips taken by Germans, which is an all-time high.

There are no big surprises among the top foreign holiday destinations which barely change year after year, the representative survey of more than 7,500 Germans found. The top ten in 2017 were Spain, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Poland, France, Netherlands and Portugal.

One of the few surprises in this year’s study was in the short breaks market segment. Both Bavaria and Austria were more popular for short holidays in the Alps than in 2016.

However, long-haul trips are also becoming a stronger competitor to traditional snow destinations in the winter months. “Similar target groups are addressed (by both types of holiday), in other words, active, open, interested travellers,” Lohmann explained. The difference in costs was often only marginal.

Another trend, according to the travel expert, is in the area of ‘overtourism’ where the market appears to be fragmenting. “One third likes bustle, while another third prefers destinations without too many other tourists,” he said.

More important for a positive holiday experience, however, are weather, landscape, regional food and drinks, as well as the overall atmosphere at the destination, he pointed out.

His recommendation to tourism officials was clear: “Strengthen your basic offering rather than investing in yet another indoor hall.”
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