How Remarketing Can Increase Bookings At Your Hotel

Remarketing Can Increase Bookings

In a competitive market, getting noticed is the biggest challenge for small and mid-sized independent hoteliers. The Internet is flooded with different types of hotels and everyone’s in pursuit of the top spot! Hotel remarketing is one of the most effective strategies you can use to grab the attention and convert the online user into a customer.

As a hotelier, you might have already used different components of marketing right from social media to SEO. However, remarketing for hotels is important to create targeted advertising. Does this sound too complex? Let us simplify it for you!

What is the significance of remarketing for hotels?
To put it simply, hotel remarketing is a strategy that helps you engage with your website visitors who might have abandoned your hotel’s website page at any given point. This is a way to remind the online user to visit your site again.

Why is it helpful? Well, let’s try to understand the users’ mind. The prospect is searching for hotels on Google or on an OTA site. The online user browses your page and abandons it without making a reservation. In this case, your site held the attention of the user but did not help him/her make a final booking.

Do note: Google makes an important mention here about search results for your hotel’s website – if your hotel is the first page a visitor has landed upon via Google search results, the chances are rare that a booking will happen on your site. Why would this happen? Well, a user tends to browse many other sites and may miss re-visiting your hotel’s site. You’ll realize that the chances of a user visiting your site yet again is highly unlikely which is why you need to develop strategies for remarketing.

So, how can hoteliers use remarketing strategies to increase hotel bookings?
Using remarketing ads for hotels, you can use various methods to remind the online user at different points about your hotel brand, offer discount, engage and drive a booking in no time. This is a valuable tool that targets those users who visited your site and were not converted into customers. Using remarketing strategies, your ad will pop up online on the users’ newsfeed the next time he/she browses a site. So, a remarketing list allows you to target those users who have already engaged on your site but did not book a room or a service. The reason could be any, but by showing adverts to such sets of users ensures that you not only promote the brand but also appear at the time of their decision-making process.

Tip: Do not show your advertisement to those who have already reached your final booking page. Your message must reach the correct audience – those who have browsed your site and left without performing an action.

Quick remarketing tips for hoteliers
Use a strong campaign idea that offers great deals to your previous visitors. This should entice them to visit your site again and make the booking.
Use the most appropriate keywords and opt for those that will reach a higher volume of users.
Your objective is to gently remind your prospective customers about your hotel brand without annoying them constantly with remarketing messages. Be subtle.
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