10 Hilarious Things That Set Tourists Apart from Locals at a Greek Beach

Tourists Apart from Locals at a Greek Beach

When Greeks hit the beach each summer they do it with an effortless finesse. You will see them soaking up the sun and enjoying a day at the beach as if it is second nature for them. Tourists, on the other hand, tend to get it all wrong from dress to beverage choice. Here are ten hilarious things that tourists do that makes them stick out like a sore thumb at a Greek beach.

By Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi

1. Modesty at the beach
Dressing from head to toe and then hitting the beach in Greece is sure to make you stand out. A lot of tourists tend to wear clothes over their swimsuits when they go for a swim in the sea. This is, no pun intended, quiet a foreign concept for Greeks who believe that the less tan lines you have, the better.

2. Ordering a hot coffee or tea at the beach – or even asking for decaf
Greeks drink coffee at the beach. In fact, when there is a bar at the beach, you will find that throughout the day, Greeks will order only coffee and water – frappe. As the evening approaches they might order a cold beer or another coffee, but throughout the day, its coffee all the way. Tourists on the other hand, often order hot drinks to drink at the beach. This looks insane to Greeks as the temperature is usually 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Another funny thing is expecting to find a hot tea or decaf coffee at the beach bar. It’s summer in Greece and Greeks just don’t drink hot beverages while at the sea.

3. Arriving late in the day and thinking you can find an umbrella
This is amusing to watch: A group of tourists get to the beach at 2 pm and are surprised to find it crowded. They struggle to find a working umbrella and then scope out the entire beach for enough lounge chairs to accommodate the group. Usually, they are not successful. Note: Greeks get to the beaches early in the morning just to find an umbrella and sun beds, and even then they have difficulties at some popular beaches if they arrive around 10am to 11am, as it might be too late to find something free.

4. Laying on a towel directly on the sand to sunbath
Greeks don’t ever sunbathe on the sand. Rather they prefer to sunbathe in comfort, on sun beds. One way to look like a foreigner on a Greek beach is to lay your towel down directly on the sand to sun tan. First off, the sand is super hot; secondly, if its windy, the sand is going to blow all over you.

5. Assuming the beach is free
Any organized beach in Greece is going to have an admissions fee, there is no way around it. If there are beach bars, showers or a restaurant as well, you will pay even more to get into the beach. For example, organized beaches around Athens range in average price from 14 euros to 50 euros per person and all you get for this price is the sun bed and umbrella.

6. Getting wasted at the beach on beer by 12 noon
This is actually something that is not hilarious to Greeks, but more of a nuisance. Getting drunk during the day at a beach is truly something only a tourist will do. It’s great to have fun and make memorable moments while on your Greek vacation, but at least make memories that you will actually recall after all is said and done.

7. Using baby oil instead of sun lotion
It’s understood that if you don’t live in the Mediterranean climate and you are visiting Greece that one of your vacation goals is to return home with a glowing tan. However, tourists will often lather on baby oil instead of sun lotion and end up looking ridiculous like a bright red lobster for the rest of their trip in Greece.

8. Spending the entire day in the hot Greek sun
The umbrellas at organized beaches are there for a reason. You must pace yourself when laying in the strong Greek sun to not get burnt or even sun poisoning. Tourists will move their chairs so that they are laying in the direct sun for the entire day at the beach (with the above mentioned baby oil). When it doubt, take a look at the locals. They are laying in the diffused sunlight coming through the semi-transparent umbrellas, or laying in the sun directly but only for short amounts of time.

9. Spending the day at the hotel’s pool on the beach, but never actually going to the beach
This is something that amazes Greeks. Why come to Greece and then spend the day at the hotel pool, which is located on or within walking distance to the beach…but you never actually make it to the sea?

10. Wearing the latest styles of swim wear
Greeks are fashion conscientious and update their swim wardrobe every year. Wearing older styles of swim suits, sunglasses and sun hats makes you stand out. Greek swim wear is fun with bright colors and bold designs – perfect for the beautiful Greek beaches. So instead of packing up last years swim wear for your Greek vacation, why not just buy a new swim suit when you get to Greece? Many hotels have boutique shops with all of the latest designs and will help you blend in with the locals.

From Greek Reporter
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