The Ideal Social Media Content Strategy For Hotels

The Ideal Social Media Content Strategy For Hotels

All social media strategies are subjective, and hotels in particular tend to require unique content strategies altogether. Hotels need to convey their brand, location, rooms, food and beverage, events and more. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what key elements make up the perfect social strategy for hotels.

By Will Wells

A main reason guests stay in hotels is the location. Whether it’s a business location and 90% of your guests are there on business, or it’s an escapist resort in The Bahamas, location is central. That’s why the correct social strategies incorporate a post about their location at least once per week. Use this as an opportunity to share storytelling, historical insights, or something likely to wow.

Don’t forget to post about what’s going on, too. Maybe it’s a flower show, fabulous art scene, or convenient conference centre. Whatever the draw of your location, flaunt it.

While posting pictures of people can be problematic for hotels (privacy rights or high staff turnover often being the reasoning), people should be focal on social media. Look at your analytics and its likely posts containing faces performed particularly well. Social influencers are the most successful when they provide a personal connection. Further, the people in your hotel are what makes it operate and what makes it successful. Celebrate that and post about your team – perhaps a picture of them coupled with a short interview in the caption. You may need to prepare disclaimer forms, but it’s worth it.

Rooms and facilities
An obvious one which should be included in your content plan at least once per week is your rooms, facilities and décor. It’s something that can separate you from your competition, and is something popular on social. As obvious as it may be, there are still a vast number of hotels conducting an uneven content strategy which leaves you questioning if it’s a hotel, restaurant, or something else.

If you surprise your guests with a slice of cake as they arrive, or unique design features throughout, highlight them. Show it on social. With hotels, it’s often the small details or surprisingly brilliant service that makes all the difference, and that stick in the mind of guests.

Many hotels see food and beverage as a focal point of their marketing and often a USP. Most hotels do offer at least one restaurant, and this should be flirted on social media. After all, we all enjoy starring at pictures of pizza on Instagram, right? They perform well and advertise something which will bring locals to your hotel as well as international or domestic traffic. Just be sure to not overdo it – some hotels post about food so often you don’t know if the social media page is representing a hotel or restaurant. I recommend approximately 1 food and beverage post for every 5 posts.

UGC, or user-generated-content, is what it says on the tin – content that a user, or guest, has created. Make sure you are interacting with all posts taken at your hotel’s location, check-ins on Facebook, or post using your hotel’s hashtag. Repost the best content in your own strategy. Interacting with future, present and past guests is key.

Will Wells
Will has a Degree in International Business, has worked in a range of roles and countries, and likes to combine his passion for Social Media with lifting pieces of iron in a gym and reading books (often on business or politics).

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