This Wine ATM Lets You Choose 160 Different Types Of Wine At All Different Pour Levels

Every so often, you hear tell of an invention so perfectly tailored to your life, you wonder if you accidentally created, patented, and marketed it in your sleep. 

Such is the case with one Las Vegas bar's Wine ATM, which invites connoisseurs to pour their own wine from the tap. If anyone needs to get me a (very) belated birthday gift, do contact the Wine ATM's manufacturers and have one hand-delivered to my apartment, please and thank you.

Insider Kitchen video-profiled the Hostile Grape at M Resort Spa Casino on South Las Vegas Boulevard, home to the aforementioned Wine ATM magnificence.

The ATM boasts 160 wines on tap, including basically every kind of white and red ever invented. According to Yelp users, the ATM works like any vending machine — first, you pre-load a certain amount of cash on a special debit card, which you can use at any of the wine taps.

Then, you choose preferred type of wine — the prices are advertised on the machines — push a button, and let the good times and good merlot roll. If you'd like to sample several small glasses of wine, since there are so many on offer (or, if you'd like a GIANT one) each machine offers three different types of pours, so you can choose your size at will.

From Bustle
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