Bridges Awards: The new initiative for awarding the cooperation among Greeks all over the world

The General Secretariat for Strategic and Private Investment of the Ministry of Economy and Development together with the National Documentation Centre has launched an initiative aimed at boosting and rewarding cooperation between Greeks around the world.

Researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs of Greek origin that reside in Greece or abroad are encouraged to send their proposals by 16 September, and six of these will win cash prizes that range from 5,000 to 25,000 euros.

There are two categories for entry: “Bridges for Scientific Networks” and “Bridges for Business Partnerships”.

The goal of the Bridges Awards is to halt Greece’s brain drain by rewarding partnership and cooperation among Greeks all over the world via creating new collaborations in the sectors of science, technology, research and entrepreneurship.

Both the “Bridges for Scientific Networks” and the “Bridges for Business Partnerships” awards aim at acknowledging and encouraging successful scientific research or business ventures by the Greek diaspora as well as developing a culture of cooperation and exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences for all the participants. It is hoped that the Bridges Awards will boost bonds

The Bridges Awards also focus on boosting bonds among members the Greek diaspora and Greece by sharing knowledge, best practices and expertise as well as drawing attention to Greek entrepreneurship and science.

In order for the candidates to be eligible to participate they need to bring together Greeks all over the world. The Evaluation Committee will examine the following criteria: idea, accomplishments, originality & innovation, team & organisation, impact & synergies and the sustainability of each proposal.

There is no participation fee.

Neos Kosmos
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