Doda speaks about divorce to Athina Onassis, and points to ‘fake news’

Alvaro de Miranda Neto or Doda has spoken for the first time since the announcement of his divorce from iconic billionaire Greek heiress Athina Onassis in 2016.

“We were married for more than 10 years, which proves that our marriage had foundations,” he said. “Athina was good to me and my daughter, but now we’ve turned the page.”

Currently married to Denize Severo, Doda spoke kindly of Athina as a stepmother and wife.

Doda said that he had not read Alexis Mantheakis’ tell-all biography regarding his involvement with a Belgian call girl that he met in sex clubs, cars and love nests. He said that he is interested in reading the book, titled ‘Athina Onassis: The Red File’. He stressed that he does not rely on ‘fake news’.

Mantheakis, the former Onassis-Roussel family spokesman and adviser, first met Athina when she was 13 years of age and had stood for the family in numerous court cases as their only witness. He was recently there for the heiress when she was subjected to a huge alimony claim after she walked out on him.

Neos Kosmos
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