Astra Airlines under financial difficulties

Greek airline Astra Airways has come under the scrutiny of the Civil Aviation Authority of Greece (HCAA), as multiple canceled flights and financial problems outline a problematic future for the airline. One such fate may end in the termination of the airline itself.

These news are causing disruption to the market, and especially to citizens of the islands, as Astra Airlines has linked the Greek islands with Thessaloniki and Athens.

 Despite IATA's warning to travel agencies, Astra Airlines did not make any announcements after November 10 informing passengers about compensation.

Most of the flights will be covered by Aegean Airlines. A letter from Aegean to the travel agencies informs that from November 17 until May 24, 2020, 306 flights will be added for routes from Thessaloniki to Chios - Samos - Kos - Heraklion and Mytilene and from Athens to Chios.

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