End titles for the German branch of "Thomas Cook"

The hopes of rescuing the German subsidiary of Thomas Cook are now gone. The tourist organization announced yesterday, the cancellation of all 2020 trips scheduled.

It was a shock for the hundreds of thousands of (Thomas Cook Germany) customers that now have  to revise their plans for next summer's holiday season. The German tourist group canceled all trips scheduled for next year, even if they have already been paid - in full or in part - by customers.

Due to the vicious bankruptcy of the British branch of Thomas Cook, the German subsidiary went bankrupt as well, canceling, in the beginning, all scheduled trips that were to be made by the end of December.

We are very sorry to be passing on this message to those of our customers who would be traveling next year said group chief Stephanie Berk.

According to a representative of the group, about 1,000 compensation claims arrive daily. Very soon all the cancelations for 2020 will be added as well. It is unfortunately a fact is that many of Thomas Cook's customers will lose their money.
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