The most expensive rose wine in the world is Greek

The most expensive Greek wine, LΛPO , is a Rose that you can find at the price of 1200.00 Euro / bottle, produced in very small quantity, about  700 bottles per year .

LΛΡΟ dry rose wine, is an outstanding member of the wine club, created with true passion for wine trips, modern winemaking, beautiful aromas and nature. A premium and exclusive limited edition Greek rose, that consists of Moschofilero variety and some fine drops of Agiorgitiko.

A tribute to elegance, fine drinking and to unique earth flavours. This bottle consists of a globe-trotting lifestyle that was expressed in a winemaking process, which was exclusively focused on a Greek unique organic vineyard, in order to create a masterpiece. There is only a hand crafted limited run of 700 bottles from Lapo boutique collection. Every bottle has its own selected number code and a gold karat design on the bottle.

LΛΡΟ is made from carefully selected organic grapes of Greek origin. Grapes with pink skin, rich spicy character and excellent acidity. It reveals intense flavours of rose and fresh pomegranate. Fine hints of red grape fruit before a cool refreshing finish.

Indicatively we have to mention that some of the most famous and branded rose on the market can be found at "affordable" prices, eg

Chateau Miraval at € 23.30,
Studio  € 19.22

Chateau d 'Esclans - Whispering Angel at € 20.90,
Garrus perhaps the most expensive rose on the planet costs around € 135.00.
A consumer can enjoy even a vintage Rose Champagne for less than 80.00 euros per bottle.
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